Parent visas are one of the most frequently applied for visa type under the Family stream. These visas are for parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens. The sponsor (child) must have been lawfully residing in Australia for at least two years prior to lodgement of the visa application. Parent visa applicants may be eligible to apply for either a temporary or permanent visa. The requirements for these visas are as follows:

  • You must satisfy the balance of family test (have at least 50% or more of their children living in Australia).

  • You must complete police checks.

  • You must pass a medical which includes a HIV blood test and chest x-ray.

There are a number of subclasses within the parent visa stream. We deal with parent visas on a daily basis and can quickly determine which category you fall under so please get in touch for further information. 

There are other Family migration visas available such as child and remaining relative visas. Please advise us if you require information on these and we will quickly qualify which visa applies to your circumstances and assist you accordingly.