Client Testimonials

We are proud of the personal and exceptional level of service we provide each and every valuable client looking to emigrate to Australia. We work extremely hard to fully understand the client’s situation in order to achieve the best possible outcome. We always have a Plan A and Plan B for each client, as laws and occupation lists can change frequently and we need to be prepared! The majority of our clients come through word of mouth referrals from friends, colleagues and family who have had a positive experience with MSL Solicitors.








Sarah P.

Sammy competently guided us throughout every stage of our Australian Visa process. We are overjoyed to say we will be immigrating to Australia at end of this year. Sammy was so helpful and honest throughout the whole process. He provided constant feedback, articulating every update, allowing us to react proactively. He made filling in the application so simple (we couldn't contemplate doing it on our own after seeing how much work he put in). We didn't feel the pressure we would have (had we tried it on our own); we couldn't have done it without him. As such we highly recommend him. A great job well done, and money well spent.

Stewart M.

A great experience with MSL Solicitors– I had service direct from Sammy Naghi – with a refreshing ability to listen and truly understand my needs. He offered an intelligent and intuitive range of suitable options, and a 'safe pair of hands' throughout the complex process of having my Visa issued. Highly recommended for a 'right first time' result.

Chris C.G.

Not only did Sammy at MSL Solicitors bring all of his expertise to help present my relatively complex circumstances in the correct manner, he was always available to speak to, quick to respond to emails and never tried to hide the fact that - at times - the process of applying for a visa can be a bit of a waiting game. Sammy helped ensure that I was always prepared for the next stage of the process and I always felt like he knew exactly what was happening with my case at all times. I cannot recommend MSL Solicitors highly enough.

Elizabeth F.

I am so thankful that we found MSL Solicitors to help us with our 309 partner visa. Sammy was really helpful throughout the whole application process, knowing exactly what we needed to include and handling all the details for us. We didn't have to worry about anything the entire time because Sammy knows exactly what he is doing and was always prompt to respond to any questions we had. After we turned in the paperwork, I could relax knowing that Sammy had checked it over and would take the rest from there. We just received my visa in much less time than we thought it would take and are so excited about moving to Australia! We would recommend MSL Solicitors to anyone looking to for Australian migration help. Thank you to the whole team!

Renato F.

It has been three years since our Permanent Residency Visas were granted, and finally my wife and I are in the process of planning our move Down Under for December this year. We can’t believe that the time has finally come for us to make the move and we continually reflect on just how lucky and blessed we are to have this opportunity. An opportunity that would not have been possible without the clear, steady and hassle-free guidance from MSL Solicitors. We had originally set out to obtain visas through a different agent, but things did not work out as well as we had hoped. The agent was not at all confident and was not open minded to other alternatives. For a while, we let the idea of moving to Australia slip to the back of our minds, but after a renewed interest and further research into other migration agents, I came across Sammy. Sammy was very open to meeting my wife and I face to face before we made any final commitments, after our initial bad experience. This gesture immediately put us at ease, and Sammy instantaneously filled us with confidence and we agreed to re-start the process. Sammy was extremely attentive and guided us through the process with an efficient and effective hands-on approach. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and relishes a challenge; for Sammy, there is no hurdle too big. He demonstrates the utmost professionalism throughout the process and turns things around swiftly at each stage of the application. All our questions (of which there were many) were promptly answered and we were kept informed through all stages of the process. Before we knew it, it was all over and our visa had been granted! What a pain-free, hassle-free (and dare I say it, pleasant) process! What we initially thought was going to be a long, tiresome, complicated and almost impossible process turned out to be a pleasure with Sammy. We could not recommend Sammy enough and it was an absolute pleasure dealing with him. Thank-you Sammy for all your help in making our dream come true! We look forward to our new lives in Australia and will always reflect back on the successful visa application. We wish Sammy and his team the very best!

Martin S.

Several years ago, my two sons left the UK to set up life in Australia. It became obvious that they were never going to return to the UK. I have a criminal conviction, for which I received a suspended sentence of a term of 16 months suspended for 18 years. The upshot being that I was ineligible to emigrate to Australia, which was something that my wife desperately wanted. For several years I was increasingly frustrated by the fact that there was no chance of my living near my kids, and I was missing out on major events in their lives. I had spoken to various so-called immigration experts who had intimated that the chances of this ever being achieved were slim to none, and that the matter was not worth pursuing. I must confess that on one occasion I visited my kids, and during the flight when filling in the landing card, I realized that my conviction even prevented me from entering Australia. In a panic I failed to make the declaration, which resulted in my worrying from the time I landed to the time I departed. I had the most miserable time that could have been spent on a holiday. A chance business conversation resulted in my being made aware of Sammy Naghi of MSL Solicitors. The individual I spoke to described circumstances not unlike mine and he told me that Sammy Naghi was the only person that even agreed to take his case on. Whilst the matter was not finalized, he had every confidence that he would be granted a visa to emigrate to Australia. I looked at the MSL Solicitors website but kept hold of the information for several months before plucking up the courage to pick the phone up. By this time, to say I was despondent was an understatement. One of my sons was planning to be married, but was refusing to set a date unless I could be present. I spoke to Sammy and told him the full story. I don’t think many people enjoy the experience of speaking to a solicitor, but I was amazed at how understanding Sammy was. I have rarely come across a man who is so genuine. Sammy listened, and from the outset, he was empathetic. He told me the first thing for me to do was to stop worrying as from now on that was his job. I had explained about my previous trip to Australia, and that I wanted to attend my son’s wedding as well as my desire to live in Australia. He made no bones about it, and said that it would be difficult but not impossible. I can honestly say at that time I wasn’t even sure that he believed it. We were sent the paperwork for a sub class 600 Visa to visit Australia and a Parents Sponsored Visa. The forms were quite daunting, but Sammy had numerous conversations with my wife and I, and guided us through the process. Perhaps the most significant thing that Sammy told me was to be absolutely honest in my declarations. As hard as that was, it was the best advice that he could have given me. The remarkable thing about it was that Sammy remained confident and upbeat at every turn. He told me to submit a number of character references, and they served me well. That was a painful process approaching friends and my employer, but very necessary. I hadn’t even expected to hear anything from the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection for at least 12 months as that is the time that they indicated it would take to process. Within four months of the submission of the application form for the sub class 600 visitors Visa I received a telephone call from Sammy to say that the visa had been granted. Sammy was more excited than me. His call was swiftly followed by an email confirmation. I could barely believe it myself. I knew that this was a complicated case and in the back of my mind I had resigned myself to the fact that it was unlikely to happen. Throughout the entire process Sammy did his utmost to keep me positive. The Sponsored Parents Visa is still an ongoing matter, and I don’t expect to hear anything on that for another 12 months but I remain positive in Sammy and his team for a good outcome. Thanks to them, I am going to my son’s wedding: and that is priceless. I would happily speak to anyone who has reservations about whether or not they should follow the same course of action via Sammy Naghi and immigration specialists. My being granted the Visitor’s Visa hasn’t just allowed the opportunity to go to my son’s wedding; it has also had a massive impact on my self-esteem. Thank you.

Richard & Bolaji A.

Your professionalism and absolute dedication to duty was simply amazing. You took personal interest in our case as it required the guidance of a skilled and brilliant professional like you to navigate through the complicated process of the Australian migration journey. We had our initial ideas but you provided regular updates and compelling advice to help us through the journey. You were well informed about the happenings in all the states hence your timely and worthy counsel made the whole process successful. Though my occupation was on the skilled occupation list yet I did not have the required work experience in that field, you went the extra mile and today we can only be grateful for your outstanding service to our family resulting in the grant of our permanent visas I have recommended your services to a lot of people and I do hope they get in touch with you. As our family begins a new life in New South Wales, Australia, please receive the assurances of our highest recommendations.

Emily H.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sammy Naghi at MSL Solicitors. At the point of contacting Sammy I was two years into a very complex, ongoing problem where I had taken advice from a number of migration agents and lawyers in Sydney, all of which had seemed correct at the time however did not progress my situation. This created an ongoing negative history with Australian immigration and made my application appear less and less valuable to Australia. Sammy was fantastic throughout dealing with my case. His extensive experience and thorough understanding of Australian immigration law allowed him to guide me to the best outcome I could have hoped for.

Christian Karl T.

My partner (British) and I (Australian) thought of undertaking the Partner 309/100 visa process on our own however we eventually decided on a migration lawyer. We decided we wanted someone who knew the process inside out, would give us clear direction and would be the buffer between ourselves and the Australian Immigration department. We could not have chosen better than Sammy Naghi. Sammy was direct, honest and very attentive throughout the entire process. He broke the what sometimes feels like a very laborious process down into very simple and plain terms, thus helping the process feel much more like plain sailing throughout every step of the way. We got exactly what we asked for and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you Sammy.

Sarah J. B.

I cannot praise this company enough. My case was complicated and lengthy, but Sammy worked tirelessly to secure my family's visa. No other solicitor would have achieved this. My 20 year wish has been granted, and we are on our way to Australia this week. This process is not for the faint hearted, but Sammy will be honest and will come through for you. I cannot thank him enough he is an incredible solicitor with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Above all, you can trust him!