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Genevieve Katyar is a legal caseworker and compliance assistant at MSL Solicitors. She has been with our company since its establishment as a UK legal practice, and has played a crucial role in the rapid growth and the rebranding of MSL Solicitors late last year. She has grown professionally with our young law firm and has proven to be a tremendous asset, and an instrumental part of the success and rise of MSL Solicitors.

She is a multi-skilled young professional, who has dynamic and proactive approach to her work. She has a diverse role that includes managing our website, as well as conducting legal research and editing articles concerning Australian immigration policy. She assists with the organisation and management of our annual World Seminar Series Events, and is also a member of our Australian Immigration casework department, which is led by our firm’s Managing Director.

Genevieve has a wide range of interests and causes, in particular, economic empowerment and the issues surrounding the freedom of movement.

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