If you have criminal convictions, medical issues, or a complex case, MSL Solicitors and the team may be able to help you emigrate or obtain your Australian visa. Complex cases included the following circumstances:

  • Do you have any serious medical issues or criminal convictions which are worrying you and delaying you from making your Australian visa application?

  • Have you received notice of intention to refuse your visa under Section 501 of the Migration Regulations, and do you need advice on how to deal with this letter and help responding to the Department of Immigration?

  • Have you received a PIC 4020 Natural Justice Letter and do you need advice on how to deal with this letter and responding to the Department of Immigration.

  • Do you have complex partnership or employment history that has possibly been red flagged by other migration agents and lawyers?

  • Have you overstayed your visa and/or been banned from entering Australia for a specific period of time?

  • Do you have any issues which may affect the outcome of your Australian Visa Application such as length of your de-facto relationship not meeting the mandatory 12-month cohabitation requirement?

  • Do you have issues with your visa status in your country of residence or any other issues which you wish to discuss or get expert advice and/or representation?

At MSL Solicitors we specialise in complex cases and regularly take on cases that other Lawyers and MARA Agents have declined to assist you or given you no prospects of success. If you answered yes to any of the above criteria, please contact our office to discuss your matter further us.



At MSL Solicitors are highly experienced in complex cases which require a merits review and appeal. We works with one of Australia‚Äôs leading barristers, counsel Lorenzo Boccabella, who is an expert in merits review cases in every jurisdiction throughout Australia. With over 35 year's experience, Lorenzo has appeared in every tribunal and court dealing with migration matters including the high court, all federal courts, migration review tribunal and magistrates court (on criminal matters involving immigration). 

Sammy Naghi and Lorenzo Boccabella collaborate on all merits review and appeal cases so you are getting the best possible representation (from both a Solicitor and Barrister) every step of the way during what is a very stressful time for visa applicants and their families.

For expert advice tailored to your individual circumstance please contact our office directly at