Relocation of Children Overseas

Family Law Services

Relocation of a child or children from England or Wales to any other country overseas such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or any other jurisdiction (foreign country).

The relocation of a child or children is one of our niche areas of practice. We are able to provide you with expert advice on this specialist area of law. If you, as the migrating parent, wish to take your child to live overseas, you will require the consent of the non-custodial parent (if that parent has parental responsibility for the child) to the relocation. If such consent is noth forthcoming, you will require a court order granting you permission to move the child overseas.

Similarly, we are able to provide you with expert advice and legal representation if you are the non-custodial parent, and seek to oppose the relocation of your child.

We are uniquely placed as the only law firm in England and Wales that offers both legal representation in English child relocation proceedings, and specialist advice in relation to Australian visa applications. We are privileged to have the legal services of the only triply-regulated and qualified Australian legal practitioner in the United Kingdom, who is a MARA Registered Migration Agent, and a dual qualified and licenced Australian (and English) solicitor.   

This triple regulation offers our clients an unprecedented level of protection, which is unrivalled in the United Kingdom and Europe. Read more about Sammy Naghi.