Nursing in Australia

Working in Australia

If you want to live or work as a Nurse in Australia, we can help.

We are the only UK based company to have a dual qualified and practicing Australian Solicitor and registered Migration Agent that can act for you in relation to your Australian nursing registration through AHPRA which includes certification of all your documents for the process as well as act for you in relation to your visa application to the Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP).

We are a one-stop shop so you do not need to go anywhere else once you become our client, we will take care of everything so when you are ready to start your new life in Australia you have everything in place to start working upon your arrival, stress free.


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Nursing Jobs in Australia

Nurses in all specialisations are wanted throughout Australia

  • The money is great
  • The climate and weather is great
  • The lifestyle and society is terrific
  • World class healthcare both public and private health care jobs available in every state or territory


Here is summary of what you can expect to earn as a Nurse in Australia:

  • A starting Nurse’s salary is around $48,000 annually.
  • For a senior nurse the salary is about $75,000 annually.
  • An average salary for a nurse is $55,000 annually.


Employment levels and useful stats for Nurses in Australia:

The employment levels for Nurse’s in Australia were 241,300 in November 2102, but the projected employment levels for 2017 are expected to be 251,500.

Average weekly hours: Average weekly hours worked for a full time Registered Nurse is 35.6 hours

Employment by region: The top three regions for employment as a Registered Nurse include:

  • New South Wales: 31.4%
  • Victoria: 24.0%
  • Queensland: 22.6%


Australian Regulatory body: Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) working in partnership with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority (AHPRA)

Nurse to patient ratio: varies across Australia but the average is 1:4 compared to UK average which is 1:8


Frequently asked questions about Teaching in Australia:

I am a registered Nurse in the UK, can I work and migrate to Australia?
To work in Australia you must have a valid work visa and also be registered with AHPRA and meet the Board’s registration standards.

I am a registered Nurse in the UK do I need to sit the IELTS English Test to work in Australia?
Quick answer is yes. Although in some cases you might be exempt from doing the English test to gain registration through AHPRA, in most cases you will be required to do the IELTS English Test to gain skills assessment which is the first stage of obtaining a skilled visa. In order to gain a skilled visa a skills assessment and the IELTS which is part of the process is mandatory.

I have a diploma from an UK University or College or international equivalent can in Australia and/or obtain an Australian skilled visa?
Please note this can get quite complex and this question has two limbs. One question is about the visa. Another question is about registration. The answer is yes in most cases you will be able to obtain a skilled or work visa however you will need to have a degree in order to obtain full registration in Australia to work as a qualified Nurse upon arrival. There is a top-up bridging course available to eligible Nurses which can be done in Australia upon arrival or alternatively you may consider topping up your degree before you leave the UK.