Divorce Proceedings and Separation

Family Law Services

Divorce and separation between married and non-married couples

We ensure a personalised service to our clients, and adopt a dynamic approach to each of our family law cases. We aim to meet our clients’ expectations, while offering realistic advice and ensuring that pragmatic solutions to the issues in each case are found wherever possible.

  • Separation between married and non-married couples
  • Divorce proceedings between same sex and straight couples


Married Couples

In the event that you are married and are seeking a divorce, or are already involved in divorce proceedings, we will advise on your divorce and act for you in each stage of the divorce process. Our legal services include comprehensive advice on the financial aspects of divorce (including pensions), and your entitlement to a share of the marital assets and ongoing support.

If you are not divorcing, but are separating, it is advisable to enter into a separation agreement to ensure that terms agreed between you and your spouse are enforceable. We will advise you on the process involved in formulating such an agreement, and on the terms of the separation.


Unmarried Couples

In the event that you are unmarried and are separating, we can advise you on the division of assets, long term obligations and arrangements that follow from a separation, and your entitlement in relation to the financial aspects of the separation.


We pride ourselves on settling the vast majority of our cases, without the need for lengthy and costly court proceedings.