SRA Diversity Data Report, 2017


Firm Director: SAMMY NAGHI

Date Published: 07/08/2017


1 Abstract/Overview

MSL Solicitors is a young, boutique legal practice that celebrates diversity and respects equality of opportunity. As a small firm, this report includes predominantly single-variable distributions so as not to compromise the identity of any individual. The foremost aim of this report is to indicate the distribution of singular-identity properties, and not  intersectionality. This is the first set of diversity data to be published by MSL Solicitors, and therefore there are no trends to report. All participants’ data was volunteered for the sake of this diversity report.

Some data categories may not appear in the public version of this report if they are thought to reveal personal information about particular individuals. Omitted categories marked as “N/A” denote all collected data answers as not applicable to the particular category or question.


2 Diversity Data

The set of data outlined in this report is taken from the information volunteered by our staff, and all were given the right to refuse completion of the SRA diversity questionnaire, and an additional option to ‘prefer not to say’ on each question.


2.1 Age Distribution










Fig 1.


2.2 Disability and Limitation



2.3 Gender identity










Fig 2.


Do you consider your own gender identity to be different from that associated with your sex as registered at birth?










Fig 3.


 2.4 Ethnic distribution










Fig 4.



2.5 Religion and belief










Fig 5.


2.6 Sexual orientation distribution










Fig 6.



2.7 Schooling and Higher Education










Fig 7.


       Are you the first generation of your family to attend university?










Fig 8.


2.8 Are you a primary care giver for a child under 18?


2.9 Do you look after or care for someone with long term physical or mental ill health caused by disability or age (not in a paid capacity)?


3 Role Categories











 Fig 9.